Important things to know about the EBT cards

Most of us know about the benefits and helps the EBT cards provide us and how it is used as an electronic system by the state welfare department to transfer funds and benefits to all the users. But there are some of the lesser-known facts about the cards that will be covered in this article. It will talk about the caretaking of the secret PIN, using it as ATMs and also the ebt card lost. You need to pay attention to the points mentioned below to get a more exact idea of the whole situation.

The Secret PIN

It stands for the Personal Identification Number and is used to operate the card, the secret PIN acts as the electronic signature and used to unlock your account and all the benefits along with. You need not share your Secret PIN with anyone for avoiding any kind of future risks and misuses of the card. In case the ebt card lost immediately change your PIN. Never ever write the Pin on the card and also make sure nobody sees it while you are operating the card. If in any situation your card and the Secret PIN is used by anyone else you will end up losing all your card benefits and it will not be replaced. If you want to avail a new Pin number you need to visit the nearest DTA office for the completion of this purpose. The secret Pin will be of four digits and will be used every time you wish to use the card be it while making a payment or suing it at the ATMs.

Things to keep in mind while operating the card at the ATM.

You need to carry your EBT card with you when going to an ATM to get the cash. Choosing the right ATM for withdrawal of the cash is also important, so go to the nearest available place that you yourself feel safe using. Make sure no one sees your secret PIN while using the card for withdrawing the required cash. As soon as you are done with the procedure you need to keep your card, receipts, and the cash in safe places and immediately. If the ebt card lost you cannot avail the cash benefits until you get a new one issued. You can keep a track of all your receipts stored in order to track down the balance in your cards.

ebt card lost

In case you end up getting your card stolen or lost, no need to worry as you can easily get the replacement for your card by contacting the local DTA office. Also immediately contact the number 1-800-997-2555 as soon as you find out about the lost card. Make sure you are getting a new secret Pin as well with the new card. While you are moving and find out that you have misplaced your card and ended up with ebt card lost contact your DTA worker and inform about the turn of events right at the moment.